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Watlow’s F4T Integrated Process Controller ​with INTUITION® and Machine I/O Controller

A customer requested a controller that would provide a touch screen display, be simple to program and have a short learning curve. The application was controlling the speed of (3) motors with a 0/10V signal which they wanted to view and adjust on the display. All aspects of the machine were to interface through the touchscreen display: machine start/stop and jog for the (3) motors. Additionally, there were four voltage signal inputs and three solenoid valves requiring control.

The Watlow F4T proved to be an ideal candidate for the application. The “profile engine” in the Composer software provided the customer with a quick and simple method toward programming the process. The touchscreen display offered the interface desired and the F4T’s process control, field pluggable modules, versatile input and output options and ability to interface with a variety of hardware signals provided a quick commissioning.