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Watlow’s FLUENT™ In-line Heater ​& F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller

Watlow’s FLUENT™ In-line Heater

A customer asked Watt Solutions to develop and fabricate an assembly that would utilize Watlow’s New FLUENT™ In-line Heater & F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller.

Watt Solutions provided a turn-key assembly that was tested and qualified to supply the required flow rates for liquid with the option of bypassing the pump and applying the same temperature control to pressurized gas. The F4T was configured to allow set point changes for the flow rate and temperatures as well as display all desired readings.​

The specifications:

  • The Watlow F4T was to control a Watlow Fluent Heater using internal thermocouples for cascade, an inlet thermocouple for process data and an outlet thermocouple for temperature control.
  • The system was to include a process pump that controls flow down to 0.02 L/min with the F4T driving the open loop pump process control signal with adjustment on the F4T touchscreen display.
  • The system was to utilize couplings to be able to bypass the pump and process gas and liquid.
  • The F4T was to present all readings and functionality through the touchscreen display.