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BBC Industries, Inc.

News! BBC Industries is excited to introduce the Thermazone Thin® to their line of comfort heaters. Thermazone Thin® offers the same reliable, zero maintenance, flat panel benefits you have come to expect from the Thermazone®, in a new, modern design. Based on numerous requests, the Thermazone Thin® is available in three colors: BBC Industries standard flat black, white, and stainless.

The Thermazone Thin® is suitable for all of the purposes their traditional Thermazone® would be used; however, the modern design makes it much more appealing for residential and commercial customers. Be sure to read through the new product catalog for additional information.

To go along with the release of the new comfort heater, it also brings us great joy to share with you that their UL Listing on the Thermazone® and Thermazone Thin® now includes a rating for “outdoor under protected cover” use. The Thermazone® or Thermazone Thin® mounted units are available for covered outdoor patios, under awnings, hotel entryways, and any other outdoor under protected cover application that may come up.

The next thing we are excited to announce is that BBC Industries is now offering a series of controls and control panels specifically for the Thermazone® and Thermazone Thin® comfort heaters.

ThermaZone® is UL-approved. For best results, heaters should be positioned evenly around the room. The number of heaters needed will depend on the size of your room.

Black Body® Commercial Infrared Heaters by BBC Industries, Inc. radiate heat across their entire surface to produce uniform, even, infrared heat that can be precisely regulated and controlled.  The panel, which requires no reflectors, will easily convert nearly all energy into useful heat.

Black Body® Commercial Infrared Heaters are available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-foot lengths. Special design voltages and wattages are available for both single- and 3-phase applications.

Each Black Body® Commercial Infrared Heater will radiate heat across the entire surface and convert nearly all energy into useful heat. The heater’s modular design, zonability, and precise control should take care of almost any operation you would like to use it for. Special design voltages and wattages are available for both single and 3-phase applications.


  • Easily Zoned for Process Flexibility
  • Easy to Install
  • Economical and Efficient
  • Modular Design Allows Any Configuration
  • No Bulbs to Replace or Reflectors to Polish
  • Encased in Sturdy Aluminized Steel
  • Optional high-temperature cleanable glass surface

The Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer from BBC Industries, Inc. is your answer to printing faster on your large format printer. It conveniently rolls up to your printer and gently dries the ink to a full cure. Its flexible design and uniform heat distribution gently full cures inks without any circulating air. The Digi-Dri™ is safe for all inks and substrates. The Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer includes an on/off switch, solid-state temperature control, a 10-foot cord with plug (except 220 V units), and casters.

Infrared Ovens
Black Body® Processing and Curing Systems are available in over 50 standard oven configurations with optional conveyors, exhaust blowers, and vestibules. For unusual applications, custom designed ovens can be manufactured to meet your exact surface finishing requirements.

The Dual Force® Series 7000 Pallet Shrink Wrap Oven by BBC Industries, Inc. is the industry’s newest generation. Its patented electric infrared flat panel heaters are long lasting and maintenance free. The Series 7000 creates a superior unitized and protected load. Utilizing the efficiency of Black Body® infrared heaters, coupled with their chamber design, palletized loads are securely shrink-wrapped and ready for shipping or storage.