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Project Assistance

Watt Solutions provides engineered thermal systems for your OEM or process equipment

We make available engineering assistance for: 

  • complete thermal systems – heater, sensor, temperature/process control
  • controller and HMI programming
  • prototype testing
  • on-site engineering support with detailed application engineering
  • wattage calculations
  • sketches & drawings
  • critique OEM designs and provide feedback
  • ​developing/changing UL files for electric heating applications

Watt Solutions has the engineering expertise to revive, retrofit and upgrade your outdated, ​aging and obsolete equipment

We furnish assessments of the “state of your equipment” and propose replacement and upgrades to help you utilize outdated and obsolete systems to bring them into modern capabilities:

  • chambers
  • extruders
  • sealers
  • heated processing equipment
  • vacuum chambers
  • pump lines
  • gas lines
  • nonfunctioning or obsolete temperature and process controllers
  • premature failure of heaters, sensors or controllers

Watt Solutions’ “Value Added” Services & Case Studies (Click Links below to learn more…)​

Watlow’s F4T Integrated Process Controller ​with INTUITION® and Machine I/O Controller

Watlow’s New FLUENT™ In-line Heater ​& F4T with INTUITION® Integrated Process Controller

Watt Solutions’ Project Assistance

We provide:

  • Heater Application Support
  • Temperature Sensor Application Support
  • Sensor Wire & Cable Application Support
  • Temperature & Limit Controller Application Support
  • Power Switching Controller Application Support

One last note… Rather than drilling through a manual on your own why not contact a sales engineer or our technical support team for an answer to your application inquiry? Our team is quick to reply to your request.

Simply call Watt Solutions for engineering assistance associated with your application and let us recommend the best product(s) for your needs.

For technical support contact: Watt Solutions / phone: (602) 373-9663 / e-mail: engineering@watt.solutions (no .com)